An automatic gate is a great complement to the aesthetic and security of a commercial or residential property, but if it’s not installed and maintained properly, it can quickly become more of a problem than a benefit. Mike’s sliding door is here to help make certain your gates are always in their best aesthetic and functional condition, to make sure that your gates are serving your needs. When it comes to the function and form of your automatic gates in North Bay Village, we are the unquestioned experts.

When you call us for installation, repair or maintenance in North Bay Village, you’re getting the tenured experience of industry professionals. From electrical issues to mechanical malfunction, security to programming and beyond, we bring with us the insight needed for any job, and we don’t leave until your gate is in best working order. With our team as your automatic gate services professionals, you’re guaranteed a gate that performs with honesty.

We can help you in installing new automatic gates

The repair and maintenance of your automatic gates is very important to your business or home and that’s why our Mike’s Sliding Door repair team provides the very best in hate repair and service. Our technicians are experienced and trained with all major gate companies. We emphasize the safety of our customers and our workers. If you hire the Mike’s Sliding Door, we can guarantee that your gate will be fully safe and functional. Call us today at (305)907 5159 and get free quotes.

Take a look at why business and home owners trust us implicitly with their gates-

  • We serve both commercial and residential customers.
  • We’re happy to provide free estimates on all of our services.
  • Our techs can assist you in selecting the appropriate automatic gate for you according to your needs and budget
  • We’re available 24/7 for you.