Cam locks are unquestionably one of the most used in residential as well as commercial properties today as its features are actually great. They are reasonable and offer a great security feature to the users and are better against robberies. Locksmith Newark can suggest you cam locks security system for avoiding the incidents of break-in.

If you are wondering what is a cam lock then the quick and simple answer is a little lock that has a “Locking Cam” joined to the back. They are available in a range of sizes, shapes and designs and costs a bit for an electronic adaptation. Where have you seen or used them tool compartments, letter drops, vehicle glove compartments, candy machines, opening machines, work areas, cupboards and storage spaces, to give some examples.

What do you require to understand?

The Locking Cam on the back of the lock is the locking system and usually made of steel that can be straight, counterbalanced or has a snare. It can truly have any structure with the objective that when the key is embedded into the lock and turned the cam locks will bolt or open whatever it’s mounted on.

As should be clear, this lock is most probably one of the most flexible at any point made. All the way through the years, the structures have changed and developed, the materials have improved and the security has expanded. One thing has continued as before; all cam locks work a locking cam: this is the meaning of a cam lock.


The Cam Lock really is the Lock you utilize in your day-to-day lives protecting your imperative assets and at your house or office properties. The demand for this one of the most chosen locks is evident today. You may have determined to buy these locks for your use all you need to do is find a dependable provider like the fortunate Line products to order your locks from.