Do you have a car with an automatic door lock? While the doors are extremely handy to use, they tend to develop many problems. The most common problems that they have to include:

Insufficient voltage

If one of your door locks is not working while the other is working well, chances are that your door has insufficient voltage.

One of the major signs that show that your door has inadequate voltage is the delay of the door to work. The driver’s door switch normally uses an electrical charge to work each mechanism when it pops open the door locks.

Door lock actuator

The actuator wears out at this point. The actuator, which is made up of a small motor that turns the shaft and gear, usually fits inside the locking mechanism. The gear may wear out as a result of the lock’s function. The motor may stop working in some cases.

To see if the problem is caused by the actuator wearing out, remove the door panel and unscrew the actuator cover to inspect the part that isn’t working within the device. If you’re unable to unlock the panel you should take the car to your car dealer who will identify the defective part and order it for you.


Corrosion generally affects the cables that connect to the door’s manual lock button. The automated door lock system is then linked to the button. When the cable becomes corroded, the door immediately stops operating.

To verify the problem you should attempt pulling the lock button manually up and down using your hand. If the button does not move or is too hard to move and the automatic lock system does not move it, the problem could be a result of corrosion.

To correct the problem you should unlock the door panel in order to get to the lock mechanism. You should examine the mechanism and replace the essential parts.

For ideal results, it is wise that you ask an expert locksmith baltimore to take a look at the locks.