Many people make an effort to take their home security seriously. Break-ins are extremely common, resulting in thousands of dollars in losses and damage each year. Strong defenses can be installed to prevent it. In contrast to old defenses, modern defenses are often psychological as well as physical.

A security screen door is usually installed on the front door when someone wishes to make their property more secure. This is a metal grate with a mesh that gives privacy, allowing a person to look out but not in when the porch lights are turned on but the lights inside are turned off. While these screen doors are popular, they take the wrong approach to the problem. Any home’s front door is almost certainly the most secure. Side and back doors are often easier to break down, and their locks are simple to pick. Windows, especially rear or side windows, and upper-story windows are not securely secured and are frequently left unlocked or open.

All of the aforementioned are well-known to burglars. When an unlocked window is only around the corner, most criminals will not waste time attempting to break through a security door. Rather than depending on the default latch, hire locksmith boca raton and have deadbolts installed on each door. Latches (that can be closed while the door is already secured) can be readily picked with a little piece of flexible material, such as a credit card or a specifically manufactured locksmith’s tool. A lock should be installed on every window. Automatic window locks that latch the window shut when it is completely closed are ideal because they eliminate the chance of a window remaining unlocked.

Even with the strongest locks on doors and windows, a burglar can get in if he really wants to. Even the most unskilled burglars have always been capable of breaking a window, and many people have little trouble picking locks. It’s not enough to put up physical barriers; you also need to get into the thief’s head and eliminate the desire to break-in in the first place.

The easiest way to do this is to combine a clean yard with a security system. A yard with large open spaces between the house and the street offers little protection to a robber, increasing the chances of a break-in. A security system will ensure that if a burglar tries to break in, he has a very limited amount of time to do so. Not only will the homeowner be contacted as soon as possible, by text message on the most advanced systems, but the alarm provider will also contact the authorities. A burglar would frequently go on to the next, less protected residence because of the terrible consequences of breaking in.