The Slim Jim is one of a locksmith’s most powerful tools. No, not the popular beef jerky treat offered at convenience stores across the United States. The Slim Jim is a metal strip that comes in different widths and lengths to fit a variety of cars. The average expert will have a number of Slim Jim on hand to ensure that they are prepared to unlock nearly any car. They will move the strip down between the window and the rubber stripping that holds it flush in order to use it. This is when patience and talent come into play. At the end of the slender Jim, there is a small hook. The user must use that hook to find the door’s lock rod and manipulate it till the door opens.

Slim Jim has long been a mainstay of the locksmith’s staples, but they’ve been less popular in recent years. Many choose not to use them with new model cars because they can potentially create damage. This does not even address the fact that a lot of newer cars are built to defend against a Slim Jim unlocking attempt as, predictably, these were also the tools used by car thieves. While it may seem like a good idea to buy one to have around the home, for these reasons it’s not generally recommended.

Locksmith Arlington TX frequently uses what is called a wedge technique in combination with some gauge wire to open up a car door. By placing a wedge in between the car door and the body, it leaves a gap with which the expert can insert the wire and have a better angle with which he can work with the locking mechanism. This is a more precise method than the slim Jim technique and it usually gives more efficient results.