You could be among several house owners looking for high-quality security door locks to change the locks installed on your doors. If you start to search online for locks, you will find out lots of brands, models and types of door locks.

To help you decide which locks are best for your needs, here are some of the most common types of door locks. Generally, locks are divided into two: those that are keyed only and those that are called keyless. But most keyless house locks still incorporate the key cylinder in case you fail to remember your PIN code, the battery is expired or you would like to use both.  

Types of Security Door Locks

Combination locks are automatic keyless locks that require only your combination of letters or numbers. The benefit of these locks is they do not need batteries. The movement of the buttons you push will align interior parts of the lock to allow you unlock the door.

Electric or electronic locks are the most common keyless locks as they can be easily operated by entering your access code or password on a keypad. Batteries for these locks can last for at least 2 years.

A magnetic lock consists of an armature plate attached to the door and an electromagnet attached to the door frame. Electric current will maintain the attraction between the two parts to shut the door.

Biometric locks are electronic locks that make use of your fingerprints to present access. High-technology biometric locks make use of facial images for access control.

Here are three security door locks that illustrate some of the types of door locks.

Lockey 2835 Keyless Door Lock

This oil rubbed bronze lock, which is available at, is 100-percent mechanical and 100-percent bump-proof. You only need the pass-code to enter. It also has a passage feature, which allows you to set the mode from normal to passage during times when many people need to enter or exit.   

Emtek deadbolt locks

These locks are conventional door locks that need keys. Deadbolt locks, either keyed or keyless, are recommended for their resistance to bumping. You can take a look at these at

BioBolt Biometric Deadbolt Lock

This powered deadbolt lock, available at, incorporates a swipe sensor technology for easy fingerprint scanning and access.

It is essential to find out the lock that is accurate for your house. Choosing the accurate door lock will need some research and this is where the services of a professional locksmith can come in handy. It is very essential to get the services of an expert locksmith. Apart from getting suggestion on the finest lock and ensuring accurate installation, locksmith houston can also provide suggestion on additional security measures where needed.