Transponder keys are the new age of technology for automotive car keys. They’re factory-made keys that come with newer cars that offer a radio transmission between the car and the key. This system allows a radio transmission to be programmed to a particular car, thus making the key a higher security type of key, reducing the likelihood for car thieves to steal a car. The way they work is that they have a microchip inside the actual key, with a serial number to a particular vehicle. The electronic engine control unit (ECU) will send a request to the vehicle for it to validate the serial number, thus allowing a person the ability to turn on the car. If the car does not register the serial number to match with the key, then it will not start.

Unluckily how good this system sounds, and makes you feel more secure, it’s also more costly to replace if misplaced or broken, which isn’t an uncommon incidence. Thankfully, a lot of locksmith services have technicians who can simply replace the transponder key, at a much cheaper price than the dealer, and also have the aptitude to program it to the vehicle. When looking for a locksmith to replace your transponder key, it’s important to ensure you call a highly qualified locksmith technician to come out to you. A few car manufacturers have been opposed to releasing their programming codes to locksmiths, perhaps for fear of burglary, but most of the information is available to authorized users, and locksmiths, this would include expert locksmiths which offer all of those services.

It’s always advised to have at least one additional set of spare keys, which are generally provided by the dealer at the time of buy, so that you can avoid getting trapped, or even worse, paying a disgraceful dealer fee, and towing fee to the dealer. If you ever find yourself in a situation where your transponder key is lost, or broken, it’s highly recommended that you call a mobile locksmith boston who specializes in transponder keys.